Multilingual Help Builder

Powerful tool for creating simple, user-friendly and multilingual help or documentation.

If you want to increase the profit of your project, increase user loyalty, reduce support costs. Then our program will help you with this. Make help, FAQ, or documentation for your users. To increase efficiency, you can translate it into several other languages.

In order to save your eyesight, our program supports several color styles of the editor interface. You can work with both a dark theme and a light one. Also, the modern interface has larger icons and text size, which will allow you to work without straining your eyes.

Try our program, the trial version is completely free for 10 days. During this time, you will be able to start compiling a Help or FAQ, as well as translating it into several languages.

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To work with our program, you do not need to know complex programming languages or the NTML markup language, the visual editor and help will help you write and format the text.

Unfortunately, if you work a lot at a computer or monitor, your eyesight may deteriorate. One of the diseases is the high sensitivity to the white color of the monitor. Our program has several built-in color styles for both the interface and documentation. If your eyes get tired, then try lowering the brightness of the monitor and using the dark style of the interface. Also, do not forget to periodically rest and do a light warm-up (every 1 to 2 hours).

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