SoftArtStudio is a small company founded in 2000. We have been developing software for over 20 years. The most famous projects:

      • Multilingual Help Builder – Powerful tool for creating simple, user-friendly and multilingual help or documentation. Supported systems: Windows (Status: Active).
      • CarWebGuru – Smart car launcher for android. Supported systems: Windows (Status: Active).
      • Selfishop Camera – popular camera for Android OS. Supported systems: Windows (Status: Active).
      • TreeDBNotes – personal information manager. Supported systems: Windows (Status: Archive).
      • Abander TagControl – ID3 Tag editor and music manager. Supported systems: Windows (Status: Archive).
      • LettersMarket – online photobank with images (Status: Archive).
      • CMS Web site engine – Site engine designed for high-load projects. The engine was used for all old web projects and some sites from third-party customers. Language: PHP (Status: Archive).

We carry out custom software development, participate in startups and other modern projects. The founder and ideological inspirer is Den Vigovski.