Abander TagControl
Abander TagControl is an easy to use and powerful multimedia library manager, and tag editor with allmusic.com and FreeDB support. You can quickly and easily organize your music collection, and complete the tag information for each and every file with all the best tools available. Some of these tools include filtering the view of files to work on by file type or all at once, renaming files according to their tag information (supporting folder structure), populating tag information from filenames, finding tag information with WebGrabber, using Allmusic.com or FreeDb to create your own database from which to draw tag information for all your favorite artists, easily creating Playlists, synchronizing ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, using the word replacement wizard to change many tags at once. All these tools and more are included in a very user friendly interface which uses a very nice color scheme and layout design, along with a workspace optimized for ease of use with features such as a file view similar to Microsoft excel, which can expand and collapse folders to view only the folder you want. Also files in the list are color-coded in such a way that you can easily recognize files which have no tag information, and also easily separate the folders from the files. Editing in Abander TagControl is very nice as well allowing you to edit multiple files at once or on a single file at a time. There is also a advanced tag editor interface providing many more features for editing. Another feature that is absolutely fantastic is the ability to export the tag and mpeg information to HTML or CSV files, this allows you to make very nice HTML (web page) track lists for each album (or folder) in your collection, as well as creating CSV files which are a native file type which can be imported directly in Microsoft Excel.

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The unique design, color themes, high speed, tree-structure enable you to quickly, easily and conveniently manage your music collection. You may edit tags in any of the supported file types except for WAV files. This includes: (mp3, mp2, mp1, ogg, ape, wma, and asf. The program will automatically reflect any changes necessary for all supported file types and so you need only concern yourself with editing the tag and not the type of file you are working on.
Main window
Themes demo

The Unique, colour coded, easy to use interface enables easy access to the large quantity of features available in TagControl.
This is the most important part of the program. We have tried to make the interface convenient to use, and also provide the maximum number of features with the minimum of effort. You are advised to familiarize yourself with all the basic features of the Tracklist. Many of the features are not obvious at first site, but are very powerful tools. Here you can view, sort, choose, delete, filter, edit and play your files. All the files and directories are displayed in different colors. Files without tags are shown in red. Bad files - pink colour. Right mouse click brings up a menu, with all the basic functions (select, edit, import, export, play and more).

Structure view
This feature is unique to TagControl, and not present in any competitors products. By creating/choosing a mask, you can specify exactly how you want to view the tree structure. This enables you to see files with folder structure (as with Tag and Rename), or just as the list of files (as with Dr. Tag). It is possible to select more complex masks, with the help of the visual mask editor, and thsu view the files in any number of possible ways. The following fields are available for a mask: artist, album, year, genre, track, title, bitrate, samplerate, tag version, encoder, channel and time. Thus you can not only browse through the musical collection, but also analyze it, for example Enabling you to see files which have a certain bitrate or encoder. Any files without tags will be is in a separate folder. When viewing such a folder it will be dark blue color with different icons.


Advanced Tag Editor
In this window you may editTags, Lyrics (import from text file and export to text file) and Cover Art (Import from file and Export to file, JPG and BMP) tags.

MP3, MP2, and MP1 files have some special functionality in this screen. You may edit ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags simultaneously. It is also possible to copy or delete tags to/from each other.


Album Wizard
In this window you may Save album to database, Save Database album to files, compile a full database from your music collection (the text,comments, references, links and pictures), Automatically grab album information from the internet and save to a database, Automatically grab Lyrics & Comment from the internet and save to a database, Save album from files to a database or Database Album to specific music files, Swap Tag fields and more.

You may write all album tags by pressing only one button! It is also possible to backup all of your tags.

  Music Organizer - Database Editor
This is a powerful audio organizer. You may collect information about any Artist, Album, CD, Songs... You can also collect text, pictures, Lyrics, references, article, marks and other information. There are several ways to retrieve information from the internet or from files (Lyrics, Comment, Images). In future versions we intend to included the options to import and export to other popular formats, and to export as a whole HTML web site.

The information is all stored in one file. You can therefore easily share databases with your friends or colleagues. To do this, it is only necessary to copy a database to another PC, and then open it using TagControl.

  Grab Album from the Internet.
With web-grabber you can quickly and easily search the Internet for basic album information (Artist, Album, Year, Track title, Track numbers, Album Comment, Link, Lyrics and Cover Image). You can search automatically at www.allmusic.com or www.freedb.org. In future versions we intend to expand the list of supported sites. You can also perform a manual search at any sites.
  Export to HTML
It is a fast, powerful and easy in use way to create profesional reports on your musical collection. In other words, you can create web pages with full information on an album. You can make and unpack (make and print out) beautiful reports for all of your favourite albums in just a few minutes. You can choose the style, color and type of the reports. Using different patterns, you can create the report on albums, on an album, for the list of files or for one file. You can use and create references, a picture and an html-anchor.
  Words Replacement Wizard
You may delete or replace the text in tags in the chosen files. For example, if in a field of tags there is an unnecessary word (advertising or link) you may remove them easily and quickly. You may want to replace the entire words or symbols or simply edit a comment.
Tag Editor
The Tag Editor allows for editing of the basic fields (Track, Title, Artist, Album, Year, Comment), but has additional buttons for navigation to the next or previous files. You can also access the export tools from this form.
Advanced Tag Editor
The Advanced Tag Editor offers editing of all of the basic fields as well as the following advanced fields (BMP, Subtitle, Remixed, Original Album, Language, Cat. Description, Original Artist, Lyricist, Original Lyricist, Band, Conductor, Composer, Copyright, Link, Lyrics, and Image). This form also has the navigation buttons.
ID3 (v1&v2) Tag Editor
The ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tag Editor allows for all of the basic fields (Track, Title, Artist, Album, Year, Comment) to be either copied from on to the other, or cleared. You can navigate to the next or previous files as well.

Capitalize / Case options
- lower case
- First word
- First Letter
- Always UPPER/lower case words list

Advanced file Wizard
This is a powerful, convenient and fast way for the simultaneous processing of multiple operations on multiple files. You can Move Files, Perform Filename to Tag operations, Multiple file tag edits, and Rename files, in one step. It is not recommended that you use this feature until you have mastered each of the operations seperately, and are therefore confident what the end result of the processing will be. By selecting all the options, many complex operations are actually made, and in the present version there is no mode of viewing of results.
ID3 Synchronizator
- Copy from ID3v1 to ID3v2
- Copy from ID3v2 to Id3v1
- Scan blank fields (Id3v1 & Id3v2)
Options (if tag exists):
- Overwrite
- Overwrite only blank field(s)
- Skip
Rename files - mask Editor
Track, Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Year, Comment, Time, Bitrate, Folder, Separator, Counter and more...
Tree structure - Mask Editor
Artist, Album, Genre, Title, Track, Year, Comment, Time, Encoder, Version, Bitrate, Samplerate, Chanells mode