Abander TagControl is an easy to use and powerful multimedia library manager, and .mp3, .ogg, .wma, .asf .ape .mpc .flac tag editor with Amazon (,,, and FreeDB support. You can quickly and easily organize your music collection, and complete the tag information for each and every file with all the best tools available. Some of these tools include filtering the view of files to work on by file type or all at once, renaming files according to their tag information (supporting folder structure), populating tag information from filenames, finding album information in Internet, easily creating Playlists, synchronizing ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, using the word replacement wizard to change many tags at once.

Registration benefits: lifetime technical support including support via e-mail, FREE upgrade to all new versions, and product notification by e-mail.

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Abander TagControl
(Version 2.92 Build 003 (4 May 2010) Size: 2,5 MB


HTML Report Examples (Template Report):

Version 2.92 Build 003 (4 May 2010)

  • Windows 7 OS support
  • Improvement: Web Grabber
  • Fix: Scanning small files.
  • A lot of minor changes and fixes.

Version 2.91 Build 004 (21 June 2009)

  • Improvement: Web Grabber (Speed of loading, Test connection, Copy error message to clipboard and more)
  • A lot of minor changes and fixes.

Version 2.91 Build 003 (15 June 2009)

  • Improvement: Web Grabber (Album tags and Amazon)
  • Bug fix: Error message: "Can not load search results"
  • A lot of minor changes and fixes.

Version 2.9 (9 June 2009)

  • New: Lyrics Web-Search engine (supported 10 web sites)
  • New: Portable version of TagControl (Main menu: Tools)
  • New: View ATC folders configuration (Main menu: Tools)
  • Improvement: Some Icons, Interface and Themes
  • Improvement: Scan ID3v2 Images
  • Improvement: Read ID3v2 frames
  • Bug fix: Incorrect search of USLT frame (file size > 10 mb)
  • Bug fix: Incorrect write USLT lyrics tag (file size > 10 mb)
  • A lot of minor changes and fixes.

Version 2.8 (11 Aug 2007)

  • Support of Windows Vista
  • New files location for templates, database and settings
    (Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\TagControl\)
    (Windows Vista: F:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\TagControl\)
  • Small optimization in Amazon web search
  • Fixed problems with some Unicode folders and files
  • A lot of minor changes and fixes

Version 2.7 (23 Oct 2006)

  • New WebGrabber Engine (,,,,
  • Fixed: Rename Mask (fields: Bitrate, Samplerate, Encoder...)
  • A lot of minor changes and fixes

Version 2.66 (20 Mar 2006)

  • Fixed: Rename files (text /Empty/)
  • Fixed: "Bad SQL Filter" error message
  • A lot of minor changes and fixes

Version 2.65 (20 Mar 2006)

  • Edit Tags from main tracklist (built in tracklist editor)
  • Rename files and folders from main Tracklist
  • New Options: Track double click: (Common, Advanced, DJ, ID3 Tag editor)
  • Copy/Paste Tags - support for Images
  • New Mask Editor (support for all possible masks)
  • Options: Symbols for Replace & Symbols for Remove
  • Web grabber: Get images without watermark & maximum size
  • Fixed: Reverced ARTIST, Album tags
  • Fixed: Filename to Tag (<artist> - <track> <title> mask)
  • Fixed: Search
  • Fixed: "Stack overflow" / Webgrabber window
  • Fixed: Copy & Paste text (Tracklist tag editor)
  • Fixed: Rename mask (with Drive letrers)
  • Fixed: Counter in Rename Mask
  • Fixed: delete Track from database
  • Fixed problem with symboll: & (in text labels)
  • Fixed: Capitalize first letters
  • Fixed: Export to CSV - check filename
  • A lot of minor changes and fixes

2.6 Beta-2 (31 Oct 2005)

  • Unicode support: filenames and tags
  • Unicode support for ID3v2 text tags
  • Support of Multiple pictures (ID3v2 and APE2)
  • Support for description and type for pictures
  • Support for 5-star Rating and Mood
  • More new tags:
    • Advanced tags (Original, Remixed, Disk Number, Musican and more..)
    • Commercial tags (ISRC, URL, Publisher, Label and more..)
    • Web Links (Copyright, Artist, File, Source..)
    • Radio tags (Radio station name, Owner, URL)
  • All tags are visible in tracklist header
  • 5 variants of forms tag edition: (Main form, Basic, Advanced, DJ, ID3)
  • Altered (Redesign and Algorithm): Rename files, Filename to Tag
  • Realtime preview for Rename files (Viewer/active mask)
  • HTML report engine is modified
  • Support for native flac tags (Vorbis comments) and ID3 tags (Options/Tags)
  • APE files: Support for APE tags and ID3 tags (Options/Tags)
  • New Icons (Tag Exists/Tag Not Exists)
  • Dockable windows (Images, Lyrics)
  • Delete files to recycles (if shift key is pressed - without recycle)
  • and more...


2.6 Beta-1 (15 Aug 2005)

  • New Program Interface (tag editor)
  • 18 Themes for user interface (Main Menu: View/Themes)
  • Unicode filenames
  • Fiex problem with Amazon web search
  • Favorites folders
  • History folders
  • New Open Folder Dialog
  • Copy / Move files
  • Improved Drag&Drop from tracklist
  • A lot of minor changes and fixes

  • Database converter
    (Abander TagControl 1.xx (*.adb) to Abander TagControl 2.xx (*.mbd) / Size: 400 kb)

If you are a registered user of Abander TagControl you may upgrade at no charge to any newer release. Just download the latest trial release of Abander TagControl and install it without uninstalling the previous version (don't forget to close previous version of Abander TagControl if running). This will preserve your registration. If the registration code is no longer present on your system just re-enter it as you did the first time and restart the program.
If for any reason your registration code becomes invalid or lost just send an e-mail, together with the details of your previous registration. You will receive a new code via e-mail at no charge as soon as I have validated your old registration data.